Facebook Challenge III

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We are Ju Jitsu

This is my final post in this challenge. After my teachers and my teammates we need some action. So here it is my favorite technique:
Ura Mawashi
It all started when my parents got crazy because of me kicking in front of the mirror pretending i was Bruce Lee. Ronny Vino was the first to really learn me this kick, later i got some good tips from Boy Muilwijk and Rob Poleij.
I always loved to use this kick in both fighting and duo. I even got a warning sometimes on trainingcamps not to use it 
Now i see a lot of duos doing it in there program too.

My final Nominated person will be Marnix Bunnik. I have been doing a lot of competition the past 20 years and of course a lot of duo. I have had several duo partners with whom I had great succes. But with Marnix we had the most succes. Besides many other medals , winning the European Open, European Championships, Combat Games and of course being World Champion!

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