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We are Ju Jitsu

Well Benny Lah Thank you for this nomination. Normally I am not the person to go in with these things, but when you invite me  i couldnot resist. (remember 27th april)
A sport is great, but it all starts with the teacher. I once started with Angelique Poort Zanetti and I learned a great deal from professors like Mario Den Edeland Rob Poleij.

Still I will never forget my first real Sensei Bert van Haren.
This picture was taken after I lost a great final on the World Championships. Right after the picture the medal ceremony starts. The silver medal was presented to me by him.

As first nominee I chose the only person in the whole world who has been my example, trainingpartner, opponent, trainer, employer, coach and above all friend:
Barry van Bommel. (3 pictures in 3 days)

Right now I am a Sensei and it is great to see what some students have become. The best thing is to know they don’t forget there old Sensei either. I still hear from them even if they play football for Ajax, travel all around the world as a DJ or play Rugby in Australia. Sometimes I even get a message of a Rugby girl doing a Judoroll on the pitch or Kickboxer saying he learned his first highkick from me.
Never forget where you come from and enjoy every moment!

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